Spring Event
Thursday May 13, 2010
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Holiday Happy Hour!
Thursday December 03, 2009
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Mars Bar and Restaurant

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Spring Event
This is the spring event description
2009 - Nanci Clarence, Clarence & Dyer, LLP
2008 - Mimi Silbert, Delancey Street Foundation
2006 - Cris Arguedas, Arguedas, Cassman
2005 - Teresa Caffese, San Francisco Public Defenders Office
2004 - Marianne Bachers, State Public Defenders Office
2003 - Mary Greenwood, Santa Clara County Public Defenders Office
2002 - Anne Flower Cumings, Federal Defenders Office
2001 - Freya Horne, Law Offices of Freya Horne, San Francisco
2000 - Elspeth Farmer, Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Stanford
2000 - Margo George, Alameda County Public Defender Office
2000 - Elizabeth Grossman, Law Offices of Elizabeth Grossman, Berkeley
2000 - Susan B. Jordan, Law Offices of Susan B. Jordan
2000 - Denise Kendall, Law Offices of Denise Kendall, Mill Valley
2000 - Linda Kremer, Marin County Public Defenders Office
2000 - Jan Lecklikner, San Francisco Public Defenders Office
2000 - Louise Simpson, Alameda County Public Defenders Office
2000 - Fran Ternus, First District Appellate Project
2000 - Deborah Wald, Law Offices of Deborah Wald
2000 - Rebecca Young, Law Offices of Rebecca Young, San Francisco
2000 - Diane Bellas, Alameda County Public Defender

Ruth Young Award
To honor women who have been professionally and personally inspiring, who have been pioneers in our profession, and who have led others by personal example. Women Defenders named this award after Ruth Young who was: * An extraordinary woman and exemplary trial lawyer, appellate attorney, and administrator. * The first woman head of a public defender office - Marin County from 1981-1983. * The Director of the Sacramento branch of the State Public Defender. * Ruth Young, who began and ended her career in the Contra Costa County Public Defender Office, taught by example; was a heroine and a visionary; was blind to self-interest and inspired those who knew her.
2008 - Lizz Campos, Alameda County Public Defenders Office
2007 - Judy Browne, Alameda County Public Defenders Office
2006 - Jean Amabile, San Francisco Public Defenders Office, Juvenile Division
2005 - Winnie Gin, Contra Costa County Public Defenders Office
2004 - Susan Kaufman, Solano County Public Defenders Office
2003 - Amy Morton, Morton & Russo, Vallejo
2002 - Jan Lecklikner, San Francisco Public Defenders Office
2001 - Suzanne Chapot, Contra Costa Public Defenders Office
2000 - Lynne Coffin, State Public Defender

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